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Are you looking for a property in Santander?

By Tim Greenwood (Uk home buyer planning to move to Santander) If you are looking to make a buy in Spain, you have to keep in mind the economy is going south for Spain as it is for the rest of the world. Property for sale in Santander can be difficult to locate. You should think about enlisting a real estate agent who is more familiar with the property for sale in Santander. If you are again

“2011/Q1 has been a disaster in terms of sales”

The president of the Spanish consultancy RR de Acuña, Fernando Rodríguez Acuña, has been interviewed in about the  Spanish property market. It is a good interview with frank and honest answers to understand in brief what has happened and when the property crash will end. There are surprising revelations and controversial points. His point of view about the present market si

A BIG LESSON to be learnt: why not to buy off plan in Spain

The Association of Property Developers in Madrid (asociación de promotores inmobiliarios de madrid - Asprima) recently informed us that about one fifth of 500,000 houses that need to be built up into new developments still remain as just plans; in many cases, the building work has not even begun, according to the portal Nearly 234 urban sectors in Madrid are affected by leaving mor

How to get ridd off your defaulting tenant (without losing cash)

By Andrés Díez Bronzini, Lawyer CASE ONE: John has rented his apartment to Ángel who has stopped paying the rent. John wants to recover the unpaid rent amounting to € 3,000 and get Ángel out of his apartment. How can John proceed?   Firstly, John should claim the money in out of courts summons via registered and certified burofax (this is a letter you send by Correos, the Sp

Full costs breakdown of purchasing a house in Spain – three cases

Our legal adviser, Andrés Díez Bronzini, has prepared an exceptional document about the total costs of purchasing a house in Spain. This is a 16-page document which is very useful for both professionals and home buyers, with cases to study and full cost breakdowns in rigorous detail. The intention of the guide is to describe two cases (firstly, purchase of a new apartment; secondly, purcha