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Banks’ Risk at €217b may Bring Better Opportunities for Buyers

Well, 2011 starts at least with an exercise of honesty and transparency in the Spanish market - at least we hope. After January, with banks and saving banks (Cajas de Ahorros) having disclosed their property balances and risk exposure, the final figure of distressed property assets and risk exposure in financial entities stock is €217,000 million (updated to January 2011). It means €36,0

Some indicators which show that prices may fall

The last week delivered a few interesting figures and indicators regarding property transactions and property prices in Spain that are certainly helpful if you put them all together. Prices may fall a bit further in 2011, which could reactivate the market. 1. REGARDING PROPERTY TRANSACTIONS IN 2010. The INE (National Institute of Statistics) said that, in 2010, property transactions were made u

Will inflation push the Pound higher this week?

  By Nigel Hodges, Currency expert at Currency Solutions   The Pound is set for a busy week with some expecting that this week’s focus on inflation – with the actual CPI inflation figures tomorrow and the quarterly inflation report on Wednesday – could push the Pound higher if inflation once more comes in well above target.   This could provide further momentum to Sterl

Lavapies, a right option for low budget investors?

Spain is becoming a reference for property investors willing to buy affordable properties. To find a property investment at a low price is a must. The option Buy To Let in specific areas is a strong one. The Spanish Brick has analized in this article the potential of an area in Madrid centre: Lavapies. In the heart of Madrid, Lavapies is a cosmopolitan area with plenty of amenities, clubs, rest

First keys hand over to a bank in Spain to get rid off mortgage

HAND OVER THE KEYS OF YOUR REAL ESTATE PROPERTY TO YOUR BANK AND GET RID OFF YOUR SPANISH MORTGAGE LOAN ? By Andrés Díez Bronzini, Lawyer CASE: A Spanish bank, BBVA, granted a mortgage loan to a homeowner in Spain of approximately € 71,000. At the time the bank granted the mortgage loan, BBVA itself valued the real estate property on which it issued the mortgage loan at approximately €

Pound pulled down to 1.16 following last week’s GDP slump

The Pound is starting the week at the 1.16s against the Euro – lower than last Monday when we came off the starting blocks at 1.17 but the Pound has actually regained some ground over the weekend from lower falls to 1.154 on Friday and 1.153 last Wednesday when we saw decidedly low GDP figures knock the Pound down. This kind of volatility is becoming ever more normal of late as uncertainty ov