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10 likely key facts of the Spanish property market in 2011

The New Year brings a good panorama for property buyers and investors who are keeping an eye on the distressed Spanish property market. Better prices; higher stock; promising margins to negotiate; stronger rental market; the will of authorities to deliver security to foreign investors; are, in short, some of the key points for investors and homebuyers in Spain in 2011 – and maybe in 2012 as well

Negative record of repossessions: 118,000 units

According to the Banks’ Financial Products Agency (Agencia Negociadora de Productos Financieros), during 2010, Spanish banks have already taken over a total of 118,000 properties from debtors. This is a negative historic record, the newspaper El Mundo has published today. The director of the Agency, Luis Javaloyes, commented that 30% of these repossessions could have been avoided if the banks

Devastating figures of Property Stock: 6.1 million houses

Today is the presentation of a new book on property in Spain. Borja Mateo is the author and the title is “La Verdad Sobre El Mercado Inmobiliario Español” –The truth about the Spanish property market. The book is somehow controversial since the author discourages buyers to buy now (it is better to wait a couple of years because the prices will improve) and also he underlines that Developer