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Renting the Whole Flat or Renting Bedrooms in Spain

Buying to let is a good way to start paying for your property. If you are planning to rent your flat in Spain, the most common way is to rent the whole property. The other rental option is to rent bedrooms. This option is not as common as it is in London but it is becoming popular since the recession makes it unaffordable to rent a whole property. The Spanish Brick encourages owners to get l

Confusing statistics: 495,684 houses sold in twelve months

Statistics released from the Ministry of Housing have always been in the spotlight because they confuse buyers, property investors, and tend to be useless for marketers. The best example is the latest data release: in the last 12 months the Spanish market has counted a total 495,684 transactions. It sounds like nearly half a million properties were sold. At this pace, the country would

Spanish property nightmare: Lessons from British expats

  British communities in Spain that have been a victim of property fraud and planning abuse in the last decade are receiving signs of hope in order to regulate the situation of their house. According to the local newspaper "La Voz de Almeria", local authorities in the Almerian Almanzora Valley are seriously reconsidering an “amnesty” for most of the 11,000 houses that are categorize

Quick legal guide before you buy an apartment in Spain

  If you are willing to buy an apartment in Spain, here you have a quick legal guide. Spanish property legal framework gives all the security and guarantees to the buyer, but you should contact a lawyer to help you. Por Andrés Díez Bronzini, Lawyer First, you will visit the home you want to buy. You should visit it several times, not only once. And you should visit the apartm

Prices in Spain will Remain Stable in the next Months

  According to Spanish property experts who were interviewed by the newspaper "abc" last week, property prices in Spain will remain moderated by banks in the last quarter of 2010 and probably in 2011. The reason for this is because Banks are waiting for an improvement in the market. If the economic environment improves, banks will be able to sell at better prices than the current free

Property Show in Madrid may Bring some Bargains

It will be more difficult to sell homes in 2011 than it was in 2010, according to Eloy Bohua, managing director of the most relevant property show in Spain, SIMA. Bohua states that in the current market situation, properties shown during the next Sima Autumn Show (october 15th to 18th) will need to be very well promoted and come with a finance pack to support the deal. The next Sima Autumn Show

The 100% Mortgage Strategy in Spanish Property Sales

Summer is over. Signs of Spanish property market recovery in June/July with a 4% price rise seem to have vanished according to the latest figures released by the INE (National Institute of Statistics). Yesterday, the news was that Spanish banks are giving fewer mortgages: the rate of mortgage concession has dropped by 10.8% in June 2010 compared to June 2009. In May 2010 it had already dropped