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12 Tips for Spanish Rentals

    In Spain, renting property is unfortunately not as flexible and popular as it is in the UK. However, it is picking up, and it will be useful to have some basic advice if you are renting your property to tenants or if you are a tenant who wants to rent a bedroom or a property in Spain.   Advice for landlords and owners   MAKE THE PLACE READY- Make your place as

Can Property Prices in Spain Drop by 75% Because of Ageing?

  The Bank of International Settlements (BIS) has recently released the conclusions of an investigation about how ageing affects the future of house prices in 22 developed countries including Spain. And the conclusion was… What a forecast!!!! … By 2050 Spanish property market prices will drop by 75%.   One of the key pieces of data for the BIS forecast  is that the Spanish popula

The Recesion does not Stop Britons from Searching a Home Abroad

When decision time comes, Spain will always be one of the favourite destinations for Britons who want to emigrate or just want to invest in property. According to research from the property website , the rate of Britons looking for a property abroad was 151% higher in June 2010 than in June 2009. A total of 1,500 Britons were questioned in the research. The favourite destinati

A Very Optimistic Prediction for the Spanish Property recovery

It looks like the Spanish property market hit rock bottom during the first half of 2010, but now it is starting to show signs of improvement in terms of property trading and prices. Official and non-official figures show a slight improvement in property trading, and the academic institution IPE (Instituto de Prácticas Empresariales) dares to forecast that starting in January 2011 prices will s

Are Spanish Banks’ Property Portfolio Junk Boxes of Repossessions?

The aftermath of the credit crunch for banks in Spain is that the banks have become major players in the property business because of repossessions. At the peak of the crisis, in mid-2009, the banks had a portfolio of 100,000 units in Spain. According to, 40 different banks currently offer more than 17,000 properties on their corporate websites. Also, banks are organizing their ow