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2015 will still adjusting the market as access to housing still to be limited

The professor of Economics at the Bangor Business School (United Kingdom), Santiago Carbó, estimates that in spite of the adjustment in housing prices, there are still several years to go to reduce the supply and achieve the balance, according to the newspaper El Mundo. He considers that there are two different markets, one of the Madrid Valencia and Barcelona city property where it is difficult to find important discounts...

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Notaries suggest that the housing market is stabilizing after a January of growth

The number of housing sales recorded in January showed a year-to-year increase of 59.2% ( 23,368 transactions), while prices recovered 8.9%, according to statistics from the General Council of...

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Is Spain a real land of opportunities for UK and Overseas buyers?

Nowadays, to be able to buy a property below €100k, €70k or even €50k in Spain sounds like a dream compared the mid 2000’s when the prices were at...

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Second-hand homes start the year off with a fall of 0.4%, but rise in Madrid

The price of the second-hand home in Spain has started the year off by experiencing a fall of 0.4% during the month of January. With this drop, prices are...

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Madrid cuts taxes to encourage investing in flats and homes

Effective on January 1st 2014, a tax reduction in the Madrid region will basically benefit the second-hand home buyers.  However, in the municipal budgets of the city of Madrid,...

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